Be Fit.
A healthy, toned and sculpted body with Kynetsa

Kynetsa was born to meet the needs of a growing market: the bodybuilding. That is based on a well-defined philosophy motivated by passion, perseverance,motivation and self sacrifice.

Kynetsa is the brand of strength, power and physical well-being. If you are a bodybuilder, passionate or professional, our products are yours.

In keeping with the strictest European standards, Kynetsa proposes a select range of products designed to support the athlete in its growth and training path.

The quality of our line is  Made in Germany. Synonymous of innovation, avant-garde, rigidity of controls and security. The production sites we use are of the latest generation, constantly monitored and in line with the highest certifications and standards.

In addiction to classic and traditional products, our team, always attentive to the needs of Customers, has opted for the creation of  vegan products. These are easily mixable and of great efficiency. Perfects not only for the bodybuilders and the sportsmen, but also for all vegetarians who do not take BCAA foods with the daily diet.

Our team has identified the most effective types of supplements and, together with a group of experts, has realized the Kynetsa product line. We have followed all phases, from production to marketing, just to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.

Discover our line of supplements test them, and we are confident that you will become our loyal Customer Satisfied!

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